January 29, 2010

These Birdcages Are Definitely Not Just "For The Birds"

I hope all of you understood my clever use of the idiom "for the birds," but if not that's completely okay...I must have school on the brain since I'm using idioms in my blog posts. Oh well, none of that matters. What does matter? gorgeous all of these birdcages look in these rooms!

Birdcage hanging lamp...I also love all of the little knick-knacks on this desk.
Check out these clever "FLY" pillows made out of the same birdcage fabric as the throw pillow above; love them!

IMAGES FROM: home and enterior magazine, earl carter photography, anson smart photography, style carrot, apartment theraphy, and flickr.


Tina said...

Oh I love birdcages - some of the uses in these images are fantastic! Loving the birdcage light! My favourite is image 3, that whole room is gorgeous! Our Olivia has a white birdcage in her bedroom and the day after we bought it we found a tiny little birds nest on the ground in our back garden! Livvy then made a really cute fabric bird to put in the cage with the nest - such a cute display that she made:) Lovely post as always Carly! Happy Weekend - T xx

Herself said...

Couldn't help smiling at the pillows! Lovely new blog!

kirsty said...

Fabulous! I love the cushion design!

Carly said...

Tina- It sounds as if your daughters are just as crafty as you are, how great that is! x

Thank you for all of the sweet comments everyone!

Amanda said...

Love that second image Carly! Looks like such a relaxing little desk area - beautiful!! x

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