February 9, 2010

Beautiful Bedrooms

The weather has been less than desirable here in good ole' Texas...think 30 degrees and constant drizzle and rain. Sure, it's "beautiful" and romantic for a day or so, but two weeks of it just too much. Today I have no desire to do anything! Instead, I'd rather just curl up in one of these gorgeous beds.

So serene and calm.
Love the contrast of the chandelier with the exposed brick wall.
This is probably my favorite bedroom image. I love the country farmhouse style. It's perfectly simplistic with great pops of color.

IMAGES FROM: southern living, genuine style, house and garden, country living, decor pad, house to home, and domino magazine.


Anna said...

Carly...what a great all of these images...gorgeous...all so different..but all very much
Thanks for sharing...hope all is well x

Carly said...

Anna: How funny that you mentioned how different they all are. I literally just looked for bedrooms that I loved with no other theme than that and when I saw how different they all were I kind of laughed..perhaps my crazy variations in style is what makes it so hard to make my mind up on things. x

Amanda said...

A gorgeous collection of bedrooms Carly. I love the fourth one - looks so peaceful x

Tina said...

What a gorgeous selection of bedrooms Carly. They all look like they would be the perfect place to curl up on a cold and rainy day! Hope the weather improves for you soon! We had our first frost for the year this morning (very light one may I add - but still frost), which means Autumn is on it's way. I might need to borrow one of those gorgeous bedrooms to curl up in soon too ;) Have a lovely day ~ Tina x

Kellie Collis said...

Number 3 is divine! x

Patricia Torres said...

This is gorgeous.. divine.. I'm in love with these.. and am desperate for a bedroom make over now!!!

Carly said...

Kellie: Number 3 is one of my favorites too!

Patricia: I'm desperate for a bedroom makeover too, now I just have to convince my hubby to help me work out some funds for it. :)

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