February 19, 2010

Going Global

I have many, music, decor, my Christian ministry and one that I don't think I've mentioned before...TRAVELING! Okay, well I'm not sure I can call it a passion yet, I still haven't had the chance to leave the U.S. (although I've been all over the states) but I definitely have some major plans and places that I want to go throughout the world. And one thing I can't wait to do when I get to go to all of my places? cultural decor to bring home and decorate with! Here are some of my favorite "global" themed images.

 I love the lamp (I LOVE LAMP! If you get that movie reference we are truly kindred souls), and the mix of the two different metals of the table and chair.

IMAGES FROM: better homes & gardens, home furnishings, world market, and notebook magazine.


Tina said...

Oh what gorgeous images and wonderful plans!! Please make sure you put Australia on your travelling plans, we would love to see you!! We have the most amazing Indigenous artists here and I am sure a lovely Aboriginal dot painting or something similar would look lovely in your home! Come visit us soon Carly! Have a wonderful weekend & hope school is going well ~ Tina xx

Amanda said...

Great images Carly! I agree with Tina - a visit to Australia is a must :) I have had my eye on a white one of those 'feet seats' for a while now - just have to convince hubby it would look fab in our living room. Enjoy your weekend x

Carly said...

Tina & Amanda: I would definitely LOVE to visit Australia sometime..especially after seeing some of the gorgeous things you have posted on your blogs. You guys also seem to have some really great vintage & second-hand stores that my area is MAJORLY lacking! Here's to hoping I can be there soon :)

Anna said...

So much beautiful colour..and so many gorgeous print designs..I especially love those foot poofs...Like Amanda...I have wanted one for ages...but they dont come cheap : ?

You have to come visit Oz Carly..I think you would really love it here :) x

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