February 12, 2010

A Win, Some Snow, and A Loss

This will be a post of several random things, but I will get to my "normal" post today! Anyways...

Did you hear?! I won the giveaway from Anna at Lona de Anna. Woohoo! Sorry, I am not trying to brag I am just rather excited that these beauties will be making their way to me!

Image from Lona de Anna x

Also, the snow has stopped coming down here in Texas but I think it'll be here to stay for awhile. According to my hubby (who had to go into work last night so that he'd be there on time for shift change at the fire dept. this morning) the roads aren't that bad but I wouldn't know because there's so much snow in my driveway I can't get my car out of my garage. That is just unheard of for us here in Texas.

The power was also out from about 6:00 this morning till about noon today so I sat around the house reading some of my fashion/cooking/decor magazines and then decided to bundle up again and take Molly outside to play. We were having a grand ole time...Molly was really funny because if you made a snow ball and then threw it past her she tried to chase it down and was really confused when it had disappeared again into the snow. 

BUT guess what else disappeared during our little rendezvous in the snow? MY CAMERA! It must have fallen out of my coat pocket at some point, and I only noticed it when I reached in my pocket to take another picture of the snow. Talk about a major bummer. I'm glad I have my other camera which is a little bit larger but at least I'm not completely camera-less. Besides, I won those fabulous earrings up there which makes the whole day a lot better...seriously, I promise I'm not bragging. ;)


Tina said...

YAY!!! Congratulations Carly on your win:) Those lovely beauties from the very lovely Anna will look fantastic on you!! Sorry that you lost your camera though:( Hope you are enjoying that smow! We are off to the beach for the day (long 2 hr drive each way) but should be lots of fun for the girls (and a little bit of fabric shopping for me!!). Enjoy your weekend & Congrats again~ Tina xx

Amanda said...

Congratulations on winning Anna's lovely earrings!! What a pain you lost your camera :( Lucky you have a spare - I'd be lost without mine x

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