March 14, 2010

These Lamps Need Some Love

This past weekend as my hubby and I were sitting on the dock at my parents' lakehouse, Cody said to me; "Babe...I want to change our bedroom around some." Music to my ears! Cody was talking more about the rearranging of our bedroom than the decor of it, but it was a great segway into some of the decor changes that I want to make in our bedroom (and eventually our entire house). 

So today when we came home from the lake, we moved all of our bedroom furniture into the new configuration. We used to have two, wall-mounted lamps on either side of our bed, but where we have now moved the bed, there are two windows on either those wall-mounted lamps are gonna have to go (in my closet of extra decor, of course I'm not gonna gonna get rid of em!). I was starting to wonder what we were gonna do lamp wise when Cody remembered some cheapo lamps we had bought early on before we found anything we liked in the living room. They're small, pretty good quality, and were very cheap...but I don't love them all that much.

 This is a picture of the lamp from the Walmart website.

See, not awful but not great either. I'm thinking of eventually replacing the lamp shade but right now I'm thinking that I'll definitely spray paint the iron lamp base a different color. I'm hoping on eventually buying an all white comforter and throwing in some accents of yellow and robins egg blue in the bedroom. 

So what color do you think I should spray paint the base, just go with all white or perhaps with a pop of color? I'd love to hear what all of you think!

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