April 8, 2010

April Favorite

It's finally spring here in Texas. And you know what they say...April showers, bring May flowers! So since it's time to experience some of those showers, why not invest in a super cute umbrella and maybe a durable but darling pair of rain boots? 

 IMAGES FROM: lil bee, umbrella society, and tamara henriques. x


Anna said...

Oh I love those boots! super cute! Have a great weekend honey x

Patty said...

I'd move to a rainy place just so I could wear those boots all the time ;)

Tina said...

LURVE the gumboots Carly!! I have a very boring brolly, but Miss Lottie has a cute pink one with cupcakes printed all ove it :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend lovely ~ Tina xx

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