May 28, 2010

My New DIY Project

Hubby and I have been looking for a set of patio furniture for awhile now...want to know what we have noticed? It's expensive!! That's why I'm so glad that my in-laws offered up their old  patio furniture set when they moved into their new house. 

 IMAGE: my own x

Well, it could use a little work. It's a reddish-brown color that I don't love, but there's nothing that a little elbow grease can't fix. It's nice and sturdy, and I am convinced that all it needs is a coat or two of black spray paint and some new cushions.

Do any of you lovely bloggers out there have any advice when it comes to spray painting this much furniture? I'd really appreciate it, thanks y'all! x

PS: All you American & Canadian readers and bloggers out there...don't forget about my CSN Stores gift card giveaway! The giveaway ends this coming Tuesday, so get those giveaway entries in this weekend!

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McCarthy Designs said...

Hi Carly, I am sorry I haven't got any tips for you but I do have some good news! You were a lucky winner in my giveaway! I will email you when I get home tonight to get your postage details! Have a great day and congratulations!
Nellie xx

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