July 12, 2010

I Have A Confession...

 I am home from my week long hiatus/vacation and I have a confession. I love rooms like these...

IMAGES FROM: lonny mag, decor pad, and flickr.

What do all of these rooms have in common? There are different colors, different prints, different lines, and just overall different styles. But these rooms all share one central theme to clutter, total organization. But here comes the house looks nothing like these rooms. Sure, the colors and styles may be similar to my own home, but I tend to gather stuff and create lots of clutter. I hope it isn't genetic for my future children's sake.

This past week as I was on vacation, spending time at the lake with my family, I realized how big this problem has become. So I have decided to finally do something about it! I've made a list that I call my "Declutter List." This list (obviously) details what I plan to declutter and organize in a specific order. The first things being what need the most work, to the things that need a little bit less. 

First on the list for this week is the office closet. I think we all have those closets; you know, the ones where you shove all your random things and just close the door. Yep, you got it, this is one of those closets. It's not that I mind this closet holding random things; from my out-of-season clothes to all of my non-framed photos to all of my extra decor accessories, but I'd like it to have some organization.

Now, it hurts and embarrasses me to show these pictures, but I hope that all of you will still love me the same. Here is that closet...

View of the closet from the doorway.
The left side.
& the right side.

Goals for the week and the closet:
      1) Sort through clutter; decide what to keep & what to get rid of.
      2) Organize what will stay in the closet.
      3) Move filing cabinet from office into the closet.
      4) Move out-of-season clothes from bedroom closet to office/storage closet.

So there you go. You know that I will keep you updated on the progress! Encouragement and advice is always welcome! x


momnivore said...

Found your blog thru Making it have quite an eye!

Carly said...

Why thank you! I am so glad that you've found my blog :) x

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