August 3, 2010


Last week I did a post on the beautiful update of Nellie's guest bedroom, which got me thinking...who doesn't love a great before and after?  

So I introduce to you, TURNAROUND TUESDAY!

Here at Honey and the Moon, Turnaround Tuesday's will be all about the projects that YOU have recently completed and want to show off to the blogging world! I recently wrote about celebrating the little victories, so I can't wait to show off all of your little (and big) victories.

If you are interested in sharing one of your beautiful turnaround's, please email me at carlyhoneyandthemoon[at]gmail[dot].com (my email is also listed on the sidebar under "contact me").

If you choose to email me, please...
  1. Tell me your name, where you are from, and a little bit about you. (i.e.: Hi! My name is Carly Skinner and I am from Mansfield, TX. I am a newlywed, momma to two puppies, and a student at Dallas Baptist University.)
  2. Attach any pictures you have of the project, in the email. If you have before and after pictures, that would be great, but if not please describe what the item, room, etc. looked like before.
  3. Be sure to leave me a link to your blog (if you have one), as well. I'm always looking for new reads and when I know your blog information, I can include it in my post...I hope that by including your blog name, it will draw some new readers to your blog.

Can't wait to see those gorgeous turnarounds! Start sending them in NOW! x

If you missed Nellie's wonderful turnaround last week, be sure and check it out here

PS: Don't forget to leave my your thoughts and comments on my bedroom mood board!!

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