September 3, 2010

A City on the Water

A friend of mine recently returned from a two month trip to Europe, and he very thoughtfully brought me back a souvenir from the city I dream of visiting some day....Venice, Italy. 

 Venice, a city on water; I really don't think it can get anymore beautiful. 

Where have you always dreamed of visiting? xo

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Amanda said...

Venice is such a lovely city - it has such character and a real ambience about it. Paris was always my dream city but I'd still love to go there again one day and London is also on my list of 'must sees'. Have a lovely weekend x

Tina said...

Hi Carly, I am so sorry it has been so long since I have stopped by, I have been so busy with school. I would love to go to Venice one day too, so beautiful! From the cities I have been to, I would say Paris is my favourite. I liked New York, but felt much more at home and enjoyed San Francisco more. I hope that you get to Venice, and hope you will share with us all :) Hope school is going well. Hugs ~ Txx

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