December 6, 2010

Chalk It Up to Chalkboard Paint

It doesn't seem that the trend of chalkboard paint is going away anytime soon, and I'm not complaining...I love it! Did you know chalkboard paint comes in multiple colors now? I've thought about using it on our pantry door or maybe even in my classroom if they will allow me. Here is some wonderful inspiration...

On your cool!
Here is an example of the colored chalkboard paint
 Check out this cool chalkboard backsplash...I love the chevron design, but it could be changed to anything.

Have you used chalkboard paint anywhere in your house? x 

Images from apartment therapy, design* sponge, decor pad, everything fabulous, good house keeping, and HGTV.


caycee said...

I love the chalkboard!! One of my favorite/ only things I've ever made :) Love your blog too :)

Jess said...

I love them too! The one with the drawers is really neat! We actually just put one in our kitchen too! Right now we are using it as a Christmas countdown as well as a Menu for the week!

Michaela said...

Ah- I love chalkboard paint! I wish I could paint my apartment walls, cause if I could I'd definitely do a spot in the kitchen with the chalkboard paint (: For now, I just have a chalkboard sitting in a frame in the kitchen. So fun for little kids (and big kids, too!) (:

Jennifer said...

Just found your blog today! I'm stinkin mad that i've been missing out all this time -- I love it! =)

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Justine said...

I'll never get tired of changing my backsplash, thanks for featuring it. :)

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