March 31, 2011

This Could Make Any Bad Day Better

The other day I had a rough day at school. 7th graders can get to you sometimes, but after treating myself to a white mocha from Starbucks and a trip to Target, I was beginning to feel a little better. However, the day got even better when I came home to two IKEA boxes on the front porch.

I'd ordered the IKEA Expedit shelf and a desk chair for our office redo. My original plan was to buy the IKEA Jules Swivel chair, but when I found that they were out of stock I wasn't willing to wait. I read some reviews and decided that the Snille chair would also be a great choice. 

I've only put together the chair so far, the shelf will have to wait till this weekend.

You're seeing my chair in front of my new curtains because my desk looks like this...

{Don't judge me and my currently unorganized desk}

The chair was pretty easy to put together. I had to have a little bit of help from the hubby holding the pieces together while assembling, but other than that it is definitely a one person job. So far it seems to be super sturdy and comfortable, can't wait to get it all situated with my desk.

Have you received any fun deliveries lately? x

Images via Honey and the Moon

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Hilary @ My So-Called Home said...

I'm totally with you on the bad day thing, but apparently today was a good day for mail because quite a few exciting things arrived at my doorstop this afternoon. Check em out here:

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