April 23, 2011

Help A Sista Out

One of my favorite reads is the blog Vintage Revivals. Mandi is hilarious and has extreme DIY skills. Mandi is also hosting probably the greatest giveaway that I've ever seen.

So what do you get though this giveaway? A complete room makeover...and not one of those "here are a couple of buckets of paint" makeover. Mandi will actually come to your home and help you makeover your entire room. She has some amazing sponsors who have offered to fund the project and her travel...awesome, right?

There are many things in my home that I am proud of, but just like everyone else, there are some rooms that I just cannot stand. In fact, the pictures I am about to show you really embarrass me. Oh well, this is real, so here it goes.

I couldn't decide which room I'd rather Mandi makeover, so I thought I'd show two different rooms that I'm just stuck on. They have both pretty much looked the same since I moved into my hubby's ex-bachelor pad almost two years ago. 

Up first is the dining room...

As you can see, we have a pretty standard dining room. It's not a huge space, there's really only room for the table. The room's a blank canvas and I think it has major potential.

The walls are yellow, a yellow that I really hate. The lighting in the room is obviously a standard piece that came with the house, and I really can't stand it. The dining table was a Christmas gift from my in-laws (we found it for a good price at a Rooms To Go outlet) and the traditional parsons chairs are from Walmart. The "Believe" piece was a gift from my MIL and it's just hanging there, really. There's also a large window in the room, along with the back door that leads out to our backyard.

And the next room is our guest bedroom...
Sad, huh? We actually have some different bedding for the bed, but have yet to put it on. Molly girl (our Great Dane) seems to think this is her bedroom, and that's just a problem in itself. The furniture is my bedroom furniture from when I was a teenager, and all of the items on the shelf...well, they're just random things that I had no other place for.

There are a few small Japanese details in the room. These are genuine Japanese pieces that my Dad brought back for me from Japan. They went with the bedding that I used to own in high school and when I moved out, the pieces moved with me. Oh and Molly's GIANT dog crate leaning against the wall, it's just plain classy right?

So, there ya go. I'm thoroughly embarrassed. I'm gonna copy Mandi's number one rule in this post...Don't judge me and my mess

I think we can all agree that these rooms need a major makeover, and while I'd love Mandi's help in it all, I've made a promise to myself that I'll do some fixing up to these rooms either way. But here's to hoping that some help will come my way!

I'll be sure to let you all know when voting for the contest begins... x

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