April 28, 2011

Union Jack is the New Black

We all know that the royal wedding is basically here. It's all over the news, in the papers, and all over blog land too. Several of my favorite bloggers have written and asked if anyone else is as excited about the wedding as them...I have to admit, I'm not all that pumped. I mean I care and I want to see pictures and all, but my DVR isn't set to record the wedding or anything.

That's okay if your DVR is set though, no judgement here. We all have our own silly little obsessions. But, since England is all the rage I thought we might like at some union jack inspired decor. {And no, I can't take credit for that catchy title. I saw it online somewhere.} Enjoy!

Oh, and just one for laughs...

Happy Royal Wedding! x

Images via cottage in the wood, apartment therapy, etsy, weheartit, snapfish, and flickr.

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