May 18, 2011

Home Tour: The Living Room

You might remember that one of my goals for Honey and the Moon this summer was to post a complete house tour by the end of August. (Go here to read the rest of my visions and goals for Honey and the Moon) There were many rooms that I just wasn't ready to show and I figured I could really take this summer to do some work, but several of you convinced me to show our house where it is now so that everyone could see the growth.

I have to admit your suggestions were best, so starting today I will begin showing you different rooms in our house. I will show you how the room currently looks and then tell you what I hope to eventually have the room look like. 

The first room that I will be showing you is our living room. It's definitely not the worst room in the house. The room is fully furnished and pretty complete looking BUT it's no longer my style. The room doesn't get much natural light because of the black out curtains we have over our windows. The sun is really bright and SUPER HOT in the summer, so we bought these curtains...but I hate the loss of natural light.

Here is the living room as it looks now:

This is what you see when you walk in.
The wall that is opposite from the couch. That shelf used to house our textbooks, now it houses...nothing.
The fireplace. I am so stuck on the mantle design.
 The front door/entryway.
This little container is a temporary holder for all of the dog toys.
These two containers sit on my side table. I don't mind the remote holder, but I must find something else to hold my other junk.

Now, that wasn't as embarrassing as I thought it'd be. Like I said before, the living room isn't in bad shape, it just isn't my style. Here are the things that I would like to change:
  • Get rid of the red. (I'm thinking bright blues and yellows) That means new curtains and throw pillows. That also means I'll have to paint over the red accent wall behind our TV.
  • Buy a new rug. This one has become extremely worn because of the puppies. I'm thinking something more durable like jute or another natural fiber.
  • Paint the fireplace white.
  • Make some DIY art for the entryway wall and the large wall behind the couch.
  • Tackle that mantle! and possibly paint the mirror over the fireplace.
  • Revamp the hanging lamp over the couch. It will probably stay there, (it was a gift from my MIL) BUT, I'm thinking it could use a coat of white paint?
  • Find better storage for dog toys, throw blankets, and my side table junk.

So there it is, in all of it's glory. 
We have some work to do, but nothing too difficult! 
Do YOU have any suggestions for our living room? x


Holli said...

I think what you have in store for this room sounds perfect... can't wait to see how it looks in the "After" shots!

Michaela said...

Painting the fireplace white would be just stunning!! Can't wait to see the transformation!

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