May 9, 2011

Willing To Get My Hands Dirty

A few weeks ago I asked all of you to take a survey telling me what you love about Honey and the Moon and how you'd like to improve it. I was so excited about the number of you that took the survey and I am so appreciative that you took the time to do it. I simply wanted to share the results of what you guys said, and tomorrow I will share my plans and goals for Honey and the Moon in the coming months.


Things You Love:
  • My writing style. This one kind of surprised me, but it meant a lot to me because I've always loved to write. It made me smile to hear that you think my blog reads as "warm and friendly."
  • DIY Projects.
  • Budget conscious decor choices. We're on a one income budget over here!
  • Reading posts about current decor trends.
  • Watching my projects grow from start to finish and seeing the steps taken to get to the final outcome.

What You'd Like To See More Of:  
  • More DIY projects.
  • More than just one thing revealed at a time..."I would rather wait and see more of the room finished."(Isn't it funny how one person loved seeing all of the steps and another wanted to see more of the big picture? We're all so different, and that's okay!)
  • How-to's, and a summary of what I learned after each project.
  • A house tour!

Once again, thank you so much for offering your time, thoughts, and opinions! I feel like all of the "improvements" are totally reasonable and things that I agree could use some work. {Psst -- The survey is still open, (click here to take it) if you haven't taken it yet}

Tomorrow I will be posting my vision and goals for the future of Honey and the Moon. I hope you'll join me again tomorrow to see where I plan on taking this little blog of mine. 


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