December 29, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On

So it's easy to say that I am super excited..because tonight when I arrived home I found a lovely little package on my front door step. The package contained this...

I absolutely love this poster! I know some people might find it cliche as I know of many houses that contain this print but I love the history and the overall message behind's also a message I need to remind myself of everyday. I ordered the print right before Christmas, knowing that I'd have to wait a little while with the holidays, and was so excited to see that it was here already! Now I just need to get the poster framed and figure out where I'm going to hang it.

Do any of you guys have this poster in your house? If so, where do you have it hung or placed in your house?


Kellie Collis said...

My husband would say i need to read and absorb this every day. I adore these and would love one! xx

Carly said...

Kellie: I think I'm going to hang this in a place that I pass by often. It's a great message isn't it? Thanks for the comment! :)

Anna said...

Carly I think you should place it in a central place that you swing by is a great poster and a great way reminder to compose yourself and soldier on....the hard part is actually doing x

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