January 6, 2010

Cavallini & Co.

I recently discovered a little company called Cavallini & Co, perhaps it's a company some of you have heard of but it's a new one to me. Cavallini & Co. specializes in beautiful paper products...calendars, notebooks, gift tags, decorative wrap, and even sticky notes. Every item on their website is flawless and could easily bring style to your office or anything else. The products are not sold directly from the website, but the website does have links to other websites where you can directly buy the products from.

My favorite item is their decorative wrap that comes in 20" x 28" sheets; they are of course perfect for wrapping any little gift in, but I have my eye on a few of them to frame and hang in my home. My two favorite prints are...

Natural History of the Butterfly

New York City Subway Map

I think these prints (and all of the others) would look just great framed! And what makes these prints even better? Each 20" x 28" piece of decorative wrap is only $4.50!! Now that's a great deal. 

Let me know if any of you have heard of Cavallini & Co. and if you own any of their products...if so, have you done anything cool with them or are they just beautiful products that you use in your office? 


JMay said...

These are awesome!

Very vintage, love.

Anna said... the blog page make over...just gorgeous..and so happy and vibrant.
Havent heard of Cavallini and Co..but thanks for the butterfly print. x

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