January 5, 2010

Help! I Need Somebody. Help! Not Just Anybody.

Okay so it's not that serious, just a little ode to the Beatles...but I definitely could use some thoughts and advice. Currently my husband and I have a tan, suede, L couch and on each end we have a side tablw that is a dark espresso wood. We had a coffee table to match but took it out of the room as it felt made the space feel a little crowded. I am now contemplating getting rid of our side tables as well. Lately I've begun to see them as nothing more than a gatherer of junk. Each table has a lamp on it but I know that I can find another place for those lamps and buy a floor lamp or two to add the extra lighting that I like. I'm slowly trying to make changes in our house with paint colors and different furniture..slowly but surely..and I think that getting rid of these tables will help give the simplified look that I am trying to achieve. But, at the same time I do love my tables and sometimes they're nice to have.

I just don't know! As you can see I am quite indecisive.  So what do you think? Do you think side tables in living rooms are a necessary thing or do you think that getting rid of the tables is a good way to keep a room from feeling over-cluttered and heading toward the simplistic? I'd love to hear your opinion. :)

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micah @ the yellow front door said...

Definitely don't think you HAVE to have side tables. Whatever makes you happy is the right thing to do!

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