January 3, 2010

Dots and Spots...Part 2

I recently posted about my love for polka dots, but was frustrated when I began to look for polka dot inspiration and found nothing but nurseries and kids rooms...although those rooms were adorable, I wanted some polka dots that I could practically use in my own home right now. So thanks to a little help from Anna of Lona de Anna and a little more serious searching I've come out with some great polka dot inspiration...for the young and old! Enjoy.

Isn't this dining room china cabinet gorgeous? It is such a subtle and classy way to bring polka dots into a room.

These tins would be perfect for a retro styled kitchen!
This polka dotted ottoman is tastefully mixed in with other prints.

Polka dot pillows are a great way to add a fun vibe.

I love the look of this room..these curtains and pillows have a polka dotted appearance but when you look closely you can see that the dots are actually flowers.

I love this polka dotted 'C', it's fun and easy and would look super cute in a kids room.

Check out this funky the polka dotted rug...another really easy way to add a little fun to a room


IMAGES FROM: decor pad, room envy, pottery barn, 
attic mag, we love indie, and living etc. magazine


Anna said...

Im seeing
Oh boy..have I found so many more after sending those to

Mansfield, TX

Haha you can keep sending em girl! I'll just do a dots & spots...part 3 :) lol

SimonsSistaSaw said...

Hi Carly - I found your blog through your comment on Kasey's Thrifty Little Blog. I'm also attempting Project 365 - I hope you don't mind if I follow along with you as you do yours. I've commented on this (a non 365 post) because I just had to let you know you might love our (3 way share house) kitchen meals room. My housemate is obsessed with polka dots, especially red and white! Maybe I'll take pics one day!

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