January 19, 2010

It's Time To Plan!

Well the first day back to school was definitely a doozie...I've been up since 5:45 this morning and was out the door before 7 and finally got back home after a constant day of go-go-go around 2:30. When I got home I let my poor, precious Molly out of her hubby, Cody, is a firefighter and is on shift today so Molly girl was stuck in her crate all day. After I let her out we went out to the field behind our house...she ran around and I just sat down and tried to relax and just breathe. Now we are both crashed and exhausted on the couch.

After looking at all of my different class assignment schedules all I can think about is how badly I need to whip out my personal planner that has been hibernating since Christmas break and fill it out with all of the due dates. Planners are definitely a must for me, without mine I am completely lost. Speaking of planners...don't you just wish they made some that look a little cuter and a little bit more, I don't know...original? Well I know I do, and so I began a search for one or a way to make one...yes, I chose to do this instead of actually writing my dates down. But my procrastination and searching paid off and I found this lovely little DIY personal planner on flickr!

Images found here from here.

Be sure to check out the actual blog post to see more and get the details on how to start a project like this. The actual blog post does not have many details but if you check out the readers comments and questions, you can see Katja's response and some helpful advice.

So do you guys carry around a personal planner? Is it a must for you or are you good enough to keep all of your different dates in your head?


Tina said...

Carly, I loved this post:) I always try to keep a planner, especially with all of my assignments, but I just end up losing it or not bothering to look at it. For me, my planner is in my head...:( Not the best method I know...Mind you if I had a gorgeous little planner like this one I might be more inclined to use it:) Thanks for sharing - hope school is going well:)- Tina xx

Amanda said...

Hope your return to studying this week has been ok Carly. I'd be lost without my diary - I am so forgetful lately :)

Anna said...

How gorgeous is that...and so it...I really should be using one of these..but I generally go by a huge calender on my mood board in the study. Great post...glad you survived the first week back :) x

LobotoME said...

check out our weekly planners at

good luck with the closet org!

J :)

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