January 12, 2010

Love These Libraries

Does anyone else just love books? Now I don't mean reading them, although I love that too, but does anyone just love the look of a good, old book? Well I just love them. There is just something so beautiful about a book that has been read to the point of looking old and worn, in fact sometimes I just buy books for how they look on my bookshelf. I scour used bookstores for first edition books or ones that have a neat inscription in them. Because of this addiction I've found myself in need of a few bookshelves and I hope that someday I can have bookshelves like these in my home...

I love that this bookshelf is separated in places besides the usual. 
The pieces break up the flow of constant books and give it a different look.


Bookshelves in a bedroom..not as common of a look but perfect for those nights when you want to curl up under the covers and read.

Bookshelves under the stairs.

How crazy is this color coordinated bookshelf? I love the way it looks, but I'm just not sure that it'd stay that way in my home.

Perfectly wallpapered bookshelves.

Probably my favorite bookshelf! I absolutely love library ladders, I hope to have enough books someday to need a ladder to reach them all. And the green curtain is perfect if you ever want to cover up the bookshelf...although I'm not sure why you'd ever want to cover up those beautiful books.

IMAGES FROM: home interior, decor pad, country living, ikea, and flikr.


Tina said...

Carly I absolutely love this post! I too would love a home library with a ladder! We do have one wall that we could do it on, but we would have to sell our lovely piano and I don't think that is going to happen...My favourite picture is the last one too, just gorgeous! What a fabulous post! Have a lovely day - Tx

Amanda said...

I would love a library in our home but we don't really have any room for it :) I love the last image the most- that's what I call a real library!! I also like the bedroom bookshelves on either side of the doorway.

Anna said...

Carly..I love all of these...especially the custom made bookcase underneath the stairwell..just gorgeous..I love books!

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