January 13, 2010

The Bold and The Beautiful...and The Bright!

The paint colors that I have used in my home are pretty neutral with a few accent walls of reds and deep purples; most of the time I prefer to leave my walls neutral and bring in the color and interest with what I hang on the walls. But the owners and designers of these next few homes have definitely taken a different approach! I don't think I'd have the guts to do anything like this but I definitely love those that do...

This deep purple is just gorgeous and the white in the room really pops.

Another really brightly colored room with pops of white.

Now this is a bright room! Like I said..super bright colors are not my forte but I think the designer of this room definitely pulled it off.

These next few rooms contain bright colors, but in a way that I think is a little bit more manageable...

While all aspects, including the doors, of this room are purple it is a more subdued color with pops of darker and brighter purples in the rug and the small floral ottomans.

I absolutely adore the color of these walls! It's a very bright and vibrant color but definitely manageable in any home. The pops of yellow in the pillows and the chair seen in the right hand corner are fabulous as well.

Another really practical way to bring in bright pops of color...a headboard, lamps, and candlesticks.

IMAGES FROM: metropolitan home, raina kattelson, 
tracey murdock, style hive, apartment therapy, and flickr.


Tina said...

Wow Carly! Some of these rooms certainly are bright, but they all seem to work so well! If I had my own way, my house would be very Scandinavian in style and colour so very neutral! HOWEVER, living with three little girls who LOVE colour I have learnt to let them choose their own. One of the bedrooms in our house is a lime green with white trim!! And we have had a dark pink room very similar to one of your pics before too! At least with bedrooms you can close the door ;) I don't think I would be brave enough to use such colour in my living areas, I just don't have the knack to pull it off, but liek you I admire anyone who can:) Fabulous post:) - Tina x

Amanda said...

Hi Tina! I'm a neutral walls kinda person too and add colours in accessories and things but I can see that if I were brave enough, colour can add a whole new dimension to a room when used on the walls. I like the lime green one the best x

Carly said...

Tina & Amanda-I definitely agree with the both of you! Bright walls definitely aren't my thing but I can see what a statement they can make and admire those who have the guts to do it. I am much more of an understated color and style person myself. I like the lime green room best too, and the more subdued turquoise color in the second half of the pictures..I could definitely see that color in a bedroom.

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