January 8, 2010

"Oh Wow!" Offices

There are two rooms in our home that still need quite a bit of work...our guest bedroom and our office. I've chosen to work on our office first. It's a reasonably sized room with a great closet space as well. I'm hoping to find a nice white desk, as well as white bookshelf for the room and will probably paint the walls a sandy color. If there's room to incorporate a small couch or chair I would love that as well. I'm also keeping in mind that this is a space that my hubby and I will both share..currently we are both students and need the space for school work, as well as the other little projects we want to do. We also want to hang all of Cody's different achievement awards, certifications, and degrees from firefighting (there's a lot of them), as well as leave space for my degree and other things when I's to hoping I have as many awards as he does ;).

So here are some offices, that I've found through my searching, that  I  just love. In the end I would love to try to bring in some small elements from each of these offices...

I, of course, love this office because of the black and yellow combination. And the furniture is just gorgeous...I would probably paint it white to give it a lighter feel.

The wallpaper in both of these room is just gorgeous, but probably a little too girly for an office that my hubby and I will share. But the all white furniture and accents are definitely what I'm looking for in our office.

An office tucked into corner of a living room...
perfect for those who don't have an office space in their home.

Another solution for those without an extra room or an office in their home, but might have a spare closet..clean it out, find a small desk that fits the closet dimensions, take off the door(s) and add a curtain to cover the space when not in use.

The built-ins in this room are extremely practical and definitely can fit into a tight space. And the mix of the light blue and reddish magenta color is masculine yet feminine as well.

This is probably my favorite office. I like the all white furniture and the grey paint adds a masculine touch. And all of that desk space would be perfect for the hubby and I!

IMAGES FROM: better homes & gardens and ideal homes.


Anna said...

Love the last image the best too...pefect office space...not to big not to small...beautiful organised space and colour scheme. love it.

SogniSorrisi said...

Some really great office inspirations!

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