January 9, 2010

A Warm Welcome Into Your Home

What is the first thing that you see when you enter someones home? Before you see the living room, the kitchen, or the see the entryway. And because of this I've really begun to reevaluate the importance of having a nicely organized and decorated entryway. The main problem I run into is that my husband and I both enter our house through the garage (where we both park our cars) so to have a functional entryway with storage for our things would not be by our front door, but yet our garage door that is in the laundry room that is off of the kitchen. Thus, I've decided to find some cute storage and coat/bag hangers to put on a wall in our kitchen that is closest to the door and after I've done this I hope to find a nice mirror and perhaps a table or little bench to put by our front door where we welcome in our guests. Now it's time to get busy and find these items! Until are some fabulous entryways that I love.

This is a great entryway for those that don't have a ton of space near their door. Not everyone has the space, but almost everyone has a corner.

I would like to have a bench like this by my front looks nice, but is practical as well.

This is a great entryway for those with kids. A bulletin board for reminders and notes, a basket for each kid or member of the family and tons of hooks! I love it.

This is probably one of my favorite images. Artwork and a coat/bag rack at the same time. This could also work great in a kids room right by the door, just have them hang their things as they enter their room.

IMAGES FROM: pottery barn and martha stewart living


Kellie Collis said...

I realised this and i have a pretty little hall table, that i change all the time and it always has people talking! x

Tina said...

Hi Carly:) I am new to your blog, but this post is perfect! I have my entry hall on my to do list before I go back to Uni in 4 weeks. I love these pics, thanks so much for the inspiration! I love your blog and am so looking forward to following it in 2010. Have a lovely day - T:)

Amanda said...

Lovely images Carly - you have given me some inspiration for my own entry way which is pretty bare at present. Kept seeing you pop up at various blogs I visit myself and after seeing a post at Rubies Place decided to come on over and say hi. Your blog is lovely!

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