January 10, 2010

Pictures Day 5 - Day 10

I promise I haven't forgotten about my Project 365 resolution. I've still taken my picture a day but I haven't been as diligent about loading them onto my computer and then onto the blog...the holidays have been very busy for me and things will only get busier once I start back to school. Because of the constant business I've decided that instead of posting my pictures daily like I had for the first 4 days I will start posting them on Sundays, sort of a week recap. So here they are...days 5 through 10!

Day 5

You'll probably be seeing a lot of this puppy dog. 
After all, she is my baby girl and she is just so stinkin cute!

Day 6

While many people are buying a Wii, Cody and I purchased a Nintendo 64 off of eBay..I (sarcastically) call it a "vintage" item. Code was so happy when it showed up on our doorstep; here he is playing on it.

Day 7

Date night...I snapped this picture of the hubby while he was driving.

Day 8 

Its been cold here in Texas lately, granted it's probably a lot colder in other places, but consecutive days of highs below freezing are very rare here. So this picture is to prove just how cold its been...a completely frozen fountain (sorry about the quality of the picture).

Day 9

Molly girl in the backseat, head out the window...her absolute favorite thing!

Day 10

I gave into the N64 madness...I caved and I played, and I won too!


Tina said...

Hi Carly! Great pics:) Wow it must have been cold to freeze that fountain, what a great photo. My daughters think it is so cool you are playing Mario Kart!! Hope you have a lovely day - Txx

Anna said...

Lots of happy shots and togetherness...what more could you ask for. WOW..frozen fountain...never seen that before!

SimonsSistaSaw said...

Love the pic of the fountain, and that you are relishing Mario. It's a classic game!

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