January 15, 2010

Photography for Haiti

Images from Tina Crespo

Be sure to visit Tina's Etsy store, her photography is absolutely gorgeous and right now she is donating 50% of every print purchased to Red Cross for the cause Haiti.

I'll be back next week with a new DIY project I'll be starting in my home soon and I will need all of your advice and help. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Tina said...

Carly - these photographs are just gorgeous, what a clever lady Tina is! I adore the photo called 'Two' and just jumped over to Tina's ETSY shop to purchase one but it seems she only posts within the US :( I hope that her photo sales raise some much needed funds. Our thoughts and hearts are also with all of those beautiful souls who have lost so much this week in Haiti. thanks so much Carly for bringing Tina's work to my attention. Enjoy your weekend. - Tina x

Anna said...

What a kind and generous person...I think its great when such tragedy also brings alot of love and hope and support from around the world. Beautiful images.
Look forward to hearing about your project :)

Tina Crespo said...

Wow Carly, thank you so much for showing me off :)
I'm so happy I stumbled across your blog, I've been getting great feedback *and print orders!* that will be helping those in need in Haiti. We've been able to donate $200 so far!
Thank you again & again

Oh- and your lovely reader TINA! I will most certaintly post to another country, please send me a convo :)

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