January 15, 2010

Open to Orange

I've found that it's really easy to find inspiration and beautiful rooms in my favorite colors of yellow and green, and I just love the blue in the apartment from my last post...but it's a lot less easy to find inspiration and beauty in things I'm generally not so fond of. So I gave myself a little challenge this week, and that challenge was to find rooms and things I find beautiful and inspirational in the color orange...thus, the reason for the title "open to orange," because that's exactly what I wanted to be. Now if orange is any of y'alls favorite color I am really sorry, I honestly mean no offense but orange has never been a favorite of mine. The task proved to be daunting at first, but I think in the end that I found some really gorgeous rooms...and bonus! I also found a new color combination that I really like robin's egg blue and orange...see, look at all the things you discover when you stretch yourself a bit :)

This was the first orange image I found. The couch and its print drew my eye in instantly.

I really like these orange curtains, they are a little more than an accent in the room but definitely not too much.

I actually found this image on my computer from an older post I had done on seashells and beach decor...I guess I didn't dislike orange as much as I thought I did ;)

There's that turquoise/robin's egg blue and orange mix that I am loving!

Love the "firery" look of this entire room. Notice the orange ceiling, as well.

IMAGES FROM: decor pad, coastal living, 
good house keeping, Virginia MacDonald photography, and flickr.

I definitely learned my lesson...don't bash something till you try it, or at least till you properly research it. So what about you, what color do you tend to avoid in your decorating?


Tina said...

Hi Carly - you do the best posts! I love the fact you set yourself this challenge, something I would never think to do! I have to admit too that I am not a fan of orange...But you have managed to find some pics that I actually like. I love the sofa in pic #1 and I really like both pics #6 and #8. Who would have thought....! Thanks for another fabulous post - I just love your blog. Have a wonderful weekend - Tina x

micah @ the yellow front door said...

I too love the orange & turquoise combo.

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