February 27, 2010

7 Things

Well the beautiful Tina over at Rubies Place recently tagged me in a post to share seven things about myself so now that I've learned seven things about Tina (as well as several things we have in common) it's time that I share seven things about myself. 

1) I married my best friend and soul mate this past May. It was a day of beautiful flowers and decor but it still would've been the best day of my life without all of that. I am definitely loving married life so far and I'm looking forward to many more years.

2) I am one of three kids. I have two little brothers who I guess are really big now but I would still protect them in any and every way that I can. My parents are two of my best friends and my biggest heroes.

3) I'm going to school to become a teacher. My certification will be in teaching 4th grade through 8th grade English. I am loving all that I learn at school (even with the stress) and I can't wait to put it all into practice.

4) Like Tina I am absolutely terrified of heights. Not necessarily high buildings, although I don't love them, but I hate really high open roller-coasters or mountains. One of the proudest days of my life is the day I conquered my fear and rappelled down an extremely high cliff in Colorado (that's me on the right). with a harness and a rope. I am still so proud of this.

5) I love to organize! Especially things like offices and school work.

6) Yes, that's me. I played Glinda the Good Witch in a production of The Wizard of Oz. That's not my real hair, it's a wig, but those puffy pink sleeves and the wand...totally real. :)

7) I have one tattoo (no, that's not a picture of me getting it) and a few more. Right now I have a Maltese cross on my left foot; the Maltese cross is the firefighter cross and it has Cody's badge number in the center of it.

I'm gonna follow the lead of several of my other favorite blog writers and tag all of my readers who haven't already done the seven things to go ahead and do one for themselves! Be sure to copy the link to me in a comment so that I can learn more about all of you too. x


Amanda said...

Hi Carly – Was great to discover that little bit more about you. You look stunning with your cropped blonde hair in your wedding photo – it so suits you!! You are going to love being in the classroom, especially being an organizer. There’s nothing like a neat and tidy classroom with everything labelled and in its spot

Tina said...

Wow Carly, what an awesome list of things! I love your wedding pics and your sweet words about your husband and your family. You look so beautiful in your wedding pics too! I am in awe that you faced your fear of heights, that is fantastic! Love that you are going to be a teacher (of course) and your future students are going to be very lucky indeed. Tattoo ~ ouch, didn't it hurt? Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful things about yourself, I loved learning more about one of my favourite blogging friends:) ~ Tina xx

Anna said...

Carly...thanks for sharing some great random things about yourself you gorgeous you as a blonde..and brunette!
Looks like you were always destined to become a teacher..with the whole organising ..and fairy thing happening ; )
And good on you for conquering your fear of heights..that is a major achievement you should feel so very proud of x

Samantha2818 said...

Hi Carly,
I've been tagged by Tina too and my list is a work in progress. You look adorable in your wedding photo's - very natural and very happy. Love your list - thanks for sharing!

Carly said...

Thank you all for the sweet comments about my 7 things and about my wedding photos! I'm actually about to go back to the short blonde in a couple of I'll be sure to post a picture of that :) And for my organization..well I hope that my future students appreciate it as much as you ladies did!

Tina: The definitely hurt but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be and I LOVE it! I'll see if I can find a good picture of what it looks like to put online.

Jamie @ Happy House, Happy Home said...

Carly, I absolutely LOVE your wedding dress. You looked amazing and so incredibly happy! Congrats to you!

And I totally agree with you... the wedding day would've been the best day of our lives even without the hoopla. But the hoopla was definitely fun, too! ;)

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