March 1, 2010

Trash to Treasure from Country Living

One of my absolute favorite magazines and websites to search for inspiration is Country Living and while on their website I recently found a great little picture gallery of things that were "trash" and made into treasure. Here are a few of my favorites and ones that I'd love to use in my own home.

This tennis racket mirror is easy but probably slightly more expensive than the others. To create this look you will need to take the rackets to a glass shop and ask for a custom-cut beveled-edge mirror that will fit inside the rim of the racket - Country Living estimates that this will cost about $30 to $50. After the mirrors have been cut, head to your local hardware store and buy a package of liquid nail mirror adhesive. There's no need to remove the string that is already part of the tennis rack, simply squeeze the adhesive onto the back of the mirror and press the mirror down firmly. Be sure to put something underneath the rackets so that any of the adhesive that oozes through doesn't ruin the surface underneath. Let the liquid nail adhesive dry over night and then you're ready to hang them wherever you please!

An easy way to repurpose and recycle an old, metal tray. If it's already beautiful than leave as is but if the tray needs a little work, paint it in whatever color and design fits with your decor. Next simply superglue a sawtooth picture hanger to the back of the tray, hang the tray from a nail, add magnets and ENJOY!

Now this unique bookshelf is something that I definitely want to try soon. Instead of throwing out an old dresser you can use its individual drawers to create something like this. This link has a few more details on just how to go about this project, but even these steps don't say how the drawers are connected to each other...perhaps you just stack them on one another but that doesn't seem very steady. If any of you have ever done this project or decide to attempt it before I do, I'd love some advice :)

IMAGES FROM: country living

Do you have any past trash to treasure stories? Anything that you've repurposed or recycled that you just love and are super proud of? If so tell me about it in a comment or if you've blogged about it comment with the link to the post!


Mon Alisa Design said...

Oh I have so many! I LOVE decorating with found objects. I've made a letter holder that hangs in the hallway from an old window shutter, a beautiful display stand out of a heavy wooden cash register draw, Curtains and lampshades out of vintage's so much fun!
I love flicking through Country Living. It's such a beautiful magazine.
Alisa x

Carly said...

Alisa: It all sounds so lovely! Let me know if you have any pictures of these things..I'd love to see some :)

Amanda said...

Love the metal tray idea - so clever and so pretty :)

Tina said...

This is the second time my comment has disappeared off your blog Carly :( I commented early this morning! Love your pics, I really like the tray memo board and I love the drawers as a storage unit - perhaps LOTS of liquid nails and screws (and if you have kids or dogs that could pull it down on themselves, anchoring it to the wall is a good idea). ~ Tina xx

Carly said...

Tina: I have no idea why your comments aren't posting..I'm sorry! :( Great idea about anchoring the shelf to the wall, I hadn't thought of that and with my big Great Dane Molly running around it would probably be very helpful. x

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