March 2, 2010

Do You Fit Into Your Home?

After reading many great posts on decor styles, including this one written by Anna from Lona de Anna, I think I've come up with what my decor style is. I would have to say my decor style is country chic with a little bit of shabby chic tossed in there. Here are some of my favorite country-shabby chic rooms...

  IMAGES FROM: country living, morgan harrison home, 
notebook magazine, skona hem, and pearson for house beautiful.

But can I just be honest here?...My house looks NOTHING like this! Why? Well, that's a good question...I know that this is the style that is most me and the style that I love but when I first moved into my home I'm not sure I really knew what my style was. Maybe some of you who moved into your first home, the first home you were responsible for decorating all on your own , understand what I'm saying here or maybe I'm the only one. 

I'm not saying that my house is definitely isn' just doesn't feel like me. I am aware that none of you even know what to think about my house as I've never posted a picture of it on here but I promise that I'll try to get on that soon. I think when I moved in with my husband and took over the big job of decorating this reasonably sized house, I immediately began to decorate in the home decor style that I mothers style with a small mix of both of my grandmother's homes. Once again, this isn't a bad style, it just isn't what I want. 

So...I need YOUR advice blogging beauties! If you've made major transformations in your own home before I would love to see pictures or read blog posts about it. I just want your help! How do you suggest going about changing my house of deep reds and golds and traditional  with a touch of modern decor to clean and crisp creme walls and country-shabby chic decor?


Tina said...

Carly, I think I have the same style as you. I LOVED the images on this post. I still don't feel our home reflects me (well it has to reflect 5 of us and a hubby that doesn't really like white!!). I think a great starting point would be to paint your walls the colour that you want them to be and then just do one small thing everyday...That is what I am trying to do, and changing / upcycling/ replacing just one thing everyday, I find achievable with study etc... In no time you will start to see your home transform. Just keep your inspiration boards or folders or whatever handy to keep you on the path...Now as you know I am NOT an interior designer (ha ha ha), just a Mum from the burbs:) So maybe someone else has better advice! I look forward to wathcing the transformation take place if you decide to share :) ~ Tina xx

Carly said...

Tina: I agree that we have the same the taste because anytime you post something I am just in love with it! I agree about painting, I think that's the first step. Hubby is pretty hesitant with how long it took to paint this house the first time lol I promised I'd do all the painting...I might regret that promise! And I think you give great advice honey, don't sell yourself have A TON of talent! :) xx

McCarthy Designs said...

Hi Carly, I agree with Tina she has great advice. You style will evolve over time and continue to evolve as you go. I think it is really exciting to be at your stage getting ready to begin again and seeing it all come together over time. I hope you do share your progress with us as I would love to see it and I am sure that it will look wonderful!
Nellie xx

Amanda said...

Great post Carly, love the first room and the pale blue sideboard in the second one. It's like you read my mind at this exact moment. I've been going through our house photos for my upcoming House Tour posts and there seems tobe a list a mile long of things I want to change in each room!! We've been here for 5 years and I know what you mean about when you first move into a place - my style has DEFINITELY changed in the last five years - I have more of a clear idea of what I picture for our home now. I agree with Tina's advice - paint your walls first, it's amazing how that step can create a whole new feel x

Vanilla Press said...

Hi - lovely pics. I adore the top bedroom, very fresh & white.
Lovely blog

Carly said...

Jas: The first image is one of my all time favorite ones too! Thanks for the sweet words and for stopping by :)

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