March 3, 2010

Does Brick Do The Trick?

There are times that I just want to whip out a gallon of white paint and paint over my red brick fireplace..I haven't done this (yet) because some days I am just in love with the brick and other days I wish it would just disappear. My indecisiveness about a brick fireplace has had me thinking about well, brick. What do you think of exposed brick in homes? I love it in city lofts and the rustic feel it can give to any room, but I do think exposed brick has to be done just right. Here are some of my favorite exposed brick images, what do you think of them?

Isn't this arched, brick ceiling so interesting?
The clean white lines of this bed really pop with the rustic brick walls and distressed wood floor.
I know that you regular blog readers of mine have probably seen this bedroom image a million times but I can't help it, I just love it! The beautiful white linens and crystal chandelier add just enough of a feminine touch with the rustic brick wall. 

IMAGES FROM: decor pad, country living, better homes and gardens, and decor8


McCarthy Designs said...

I love the last image too, it is beautiful. I would love to have a bedroom just like that!
Nellie xx

Anna said...

I dont mind the odd exposed has to be nice brick though..nothing that is 70's looking..where it is that horrid orange brown..these are great images. x

Amanda said...

LOVE that first image!! I think exposed brick is fine as long as it is attractive brick - we rendered over our exposed walls as 'ugly speckled brick' was not a good look :)

Tina said...

I love exposed brick too, but totally agree with Anna, it has to be nice brick (no 70s brick please)!! Recycled old bricks are just divine. Gorgeous images Carly ~ Tina xx

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