March 4, 2010

Picture This!

Picture collages; they can be done with art, photography, family portraits...anything! The frames can match or they can be a mixture of different kinds...whatever you want! That's the great thing about picture collages, you do them the way that you want. Plus, they are a great way to make a room interesting and it's also a reasonably cheap way to decorate. Here are some of my favorite picture collage images...


IMAGES FROM:  decor8, Better Homes and Gardens, Skona Hem, DesignFormuLA, apartment therapy, notebook magazine, and decor pad.


Amanda said...

I really like collage walls - every since I saw the gorgeous one in Victoria of sfgirlbybay's home. I'd love to do one in our home one day, maybe in our study where I spend a bit of time and could admire all the pieces. Love that first image, especially how the whole wall has virtually been used.

Tina said...

Hi Carly - I love this post. I really like image 1. I have a fave pic of a photo wall (if you like - see the link below and turn the mag page 3 times to 'Suddenly Serene'.

I would love to have a wall just like it in our living room:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend Carly ~ Tina xx

Collage Picture Frames said...

Great collection of photographs, I am currently deciding on the type of frames to use and how to group them for a collage wall of my own so it was nice to view some actual walls for inspiration.:)

Cheers for sharing,

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