February 16, 2010

Au Naturale

Sometimes there is nothing better than bringing the beauty from outside into the home. Here are some of my favorite outdoors to the indoors pictures...

 I love the look of a few sticks and a single flower in a vase.
Tell me you don't want to just curl up in that chair and read that book.

IMAGES FROM:  homelife, homes and gardens, hallie burton and flickr

What are some ways that you bring the outdoors into your home?


Anna said...

Just gorgeous Carly...especially love the homelife and plants really do give a room a heart beat dont they ;) Hope you are well x

Amanda said...

A lovely collection of images Carly - I have the fourth one in my inspiration folder too :) Love the vases too x

Tina said...

Gorgeous images Carly!! I love them all! There is that driftwood candle holder too, I really love that one and am inspired to find a piece of old timber to make one for our home! Thanks for the inspiration! ~ Tina x

McCarthy Designs said...

Hi Carly, your pictures are beautiful. Flowers are my favourite way of bringing the outdoors in.
Nellie xx

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