February 15, 2010

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

I wish that I could tell you that that big stack of poker chips is mine...but well it's not. Hubby and I went to Shreveport with about $350 to gamble and we came back with $45 haha. Oh well, that's when budgeting is such a great thing; that money was meant solely for gambling so when we lost it we knew it wasn't money that we needed for something else. I can't credit any of that smart budgeting to myself by the way...that is all my hubs!

Anyways, I'm energized after my 4 day weekend and am excited to get back to my everyday life; which includes blogging :) I hope all of you have had a great start to your week and I'll "see" ya tomorrow!


McCarthy Designs said...

Hi Carly, too bad you didn't win. I was directed here from Rubies Place. I like your blog and I will be sure to stop by often. xx

Tina said...

Hi Carly! Sorry you didn't win, but hope you had a wonderful weekend anyway! Hope school is going well, I started back yesterday - yikes! ~ Tina x

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