February 8, 2010

Monthly Favorites

I've noticed in many of the blogs that I read that they each have a weekly/monthly post that they continually do...for instance, Kristen over at Simply Grove weekly puts out a post titled "3 Things to Love;" it's simple and it's something I can always count on reading/seeing. 

Anyways, I've decided to do something a little like meet "Monthly Favorites" here at Honey and the Moon. Here they are for February!

 Image from here x
It's hard to see the detailing on the chair but those are four, little hearts on the left corner of the chair and that heart mirror; don't both of these say Valentine's Day without being too rosy red and over the top?

And who doesn't love rich, yummy chocolates on Valentine's Day? 

Hubby and I are celebrating our Valentine's Day together the day before Valentine's Day because we're heading out of town to Shreveport, Louisiana for the weekend; here's to hoping that we come away with some lovely winnings...I could do lots of fun things with that! 

So how are you celebrating your Valentine's Day?


Tina said...

What a great idea to do a monthly favourites post Carly! i love that chair with the hearts, how gorgeous!! Not a big chocolate fan though, so you can have those:) I think we are taking our girls to the beach for the weekend so it will be a nice relaxing Vamentine's Day for us:) Enjoy your weekend away! - Tina x

Amanda said...

Wow - love the cute detail on the chair. Hope you have great time away with hubby and enjoy your Valentine's Day x

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