February 7, 2010

Christmas in July...well okay, February

I was rather embarrassed today when I  noticed that there are still several small Christmas decorations around my house...don't you hate when you thought you got it all packed away and then find more? And not to mention that it's February and I just noticed it...oh my. I was talking to my Mom, laughing about it and she assured me that there are some people who leave certain Christmas decorations up year round. For instance, my Mom has a small little painting in her house that is Santa through the seasons; it isn't bright red and green, in fact, it's navy blue, gold, and maroon so it doesn't really stick out during the non-Christmas months. This made me feel a little better...well not really, but that's okay.

So, I just thought I'd ask do any of you guys have any Christmasy decorations that stay up and out in your home year round or do you get it all put away, being sure that you didn't miss anything?


Anna said...

Hahaha..your funny..I will shamefully admit..that I am quite the opposite..I cant wait to take them down...once New year is over..and have my home back to how it was...I just like things packed away and a fresh new year I doubt I would even have a bauble or strand of tinsel hanging

Tina said...

Oh dear, I am the same as Anna! Ours comes down the day after boxing day I am afraid... I am a little OCD with regards to clutter, so we put our tree up early (usually around middle of November) and down it comes 2 days after Xmas... No tinsel to be found here I am afraid Carly, sorry. Not saying that I don't find some Xmas decorations useful all year round, I just don't own any of those particular kind... If you like yours, I think that's wonderful, enjoy them:)-Tina x

Carly said...

Anna & Tina: Too bad I'm not quite as good as y'all yet ;) I had my tree and what I thought were all of my decorations down only a few days after the New Year began, but unfortunately a few little ones snuck by...hopefully no one noticed!

Amanda said...

I must say, I'm usually pretty quick to take down our decorations once January hits, although this year I was a bit slower than usual. How is your studying going at the moment Carly? Back into the swing of things?

Carly said...

Amanda: Studying is going well, thanks so much for asking! I've started to get back in the swing of things, although it is a lot of work but it's still fun because I'm studying what I love to do.

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