March 22, 2010

Beauty Product Review - Faithful Face Scrub

I rarely do a beauty blog post, actually I'm not sure that I've ever done one before, but today when I was stocking up on face wash I thought about all of you and thought I'd share one of my favorite products.

First of all, I must admit that I don't have the perfect skin. Actually, it's quite the opposite. I have extremely sensitive, acne prone skin and large facial pores that I hate (I promise I'm not just finding issues on my body!). On top of that, I have inherited a very red skin tone from my Dad, who inherited it from his honestly makes me wonder what my heritage is that has given me this coloring. The red skin tone isn't so bad when it comes to the rest of my body, in fact it leaves me looking as if I have somewhat of a tan year round, but it unfortunately makes my face look a little red and blotchy. I spent a lot of time in dermatologists chairs when I was younger and have tried many different products, but I found that my best option is not only found in local drugstores but is also pretty cheap. Meet my go-to, favorite face wash/product/brand...

As you can see, the St. Ives brand has many different products...from their classic apricot scrub (that I've used for many years and love!) to their eye & face stress gel that is supposed to remove lines, wrinkles, and other visible signs of stress. St. Ives products constantly receive rave reviews for their products effectiveness and their price; on top of that, St. Ives products are made with natural more putting nasty chemicals on your skin!

Today I bought St. Ives' new product, their green tea scrub. 

The green tea in this scrub is supposed to help reduce that pesky redness in your face as well as get rid of blemishes. I cannot wait to begin trying it and I will definitely let all of you know if this product is just as effective as the rest of them.

I hope this little beauty product review has been helpful to all of you. For all of you who are out of the U.S., I'm not sure if this product is sold internationally but if you're interested in trying it, it can be ordered online and shipped internationally. Be sure and let me know if you think you might try any of the St. Ives products or if you're a faithful user like me! x


Martha Carolyn said...

I was looking at lotion in Wal-mart today and actually considered buying a St. Ives product... Now I wish I would have! :-) Thanks for the info.

Tina said...

Oh Yay, we get St Ives brand here too Carly, it's fantastic isnt it:) I haven't seen the facial scrub though, so will keep an eye out next time I do the groceries. Thanks for sharing Carly. I think your skin looks gorgeous in your pics, by the way! Hope you are having a great week ~ Tina xx

Carly said...

Martha: Definitely try out the lotion sometime..I think you'll really love it!

Tina: I'm glad to hear y'all have the products there too, I always wonder if when I post stuff like this if you guys have access to it or not. I love the green tea facial scrub so far, its made my skin super soft and it smells so good!

minda_is_here said...

Hi there!!! I just started following you and I love your blog!!! I also have very similar skin issues as you and have always used the apricot scrub. If I miss a day my skin goes to Keep up the great work!!!

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