March 24, 2010

Quaint Quilts

Do you know something I would love to know how to do? Quilting. Perhaps it's a little bit of my country style but I just love them; and since quilts can be expensive at times, wouldn't it be great to be able to make them yourself? Several of my relatives are avid quilters...perhaps I can just bribe them to make a few quilts for me. Until then I will just have to drool over some of these quilts...

 I love all of the different elements in this room. It looks like the perfect, young girls room.
 I love the entire look of this room! I think this room will be my main inspiration for my bedroom makeover. The room is so fresh and simple. (If anyone knows who this image belongs to, do tell, so that I can give them proper credit!)

IMAGES FROM: decorology, decor8, southern living, country living, 
and flickr (filminthefridge and twinfibers).


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

The colors in the fourth picture are great and I adore the last picture. I love quilts. Never ever seem to have enough quilts.... Your blog is lovely! Have a wonderful day.

McCarthy Designs said...

The quilts are all gorgeous! I think you should give it a go and try to make one! It would be great to show people years later what you did, they can become heirlooms. xx

Martha Carolyn said...

I LOVE quilts too! You picked some really pretty ones. The only quilt I know how to make is a rag quilt. You should get instructions online. Once you get it down, it's easy!

Rhondi said...

Hi Carly
I read about your blog from Brenda and wanted to come and say hello. I am a quilter and I love making quilts, but I want to let oyu know that it costs a lot more to make a quilt than to buy a ready made one.

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