March 24, 2010

Quilt Advice...Please?

Just wanted to write another quick post. Earlier today I posted about my love for quilts and while I was at Walmart shopping for groceries, I came upon this quilt, bed-in-a-bag set for a GREAT deal. I had been planning on buying a white quilt for the bed but I thought this quilt was nice too. So I bought this quilt, (that also came with 2 pillow shams) knowing that I could return it if I wanted. I came home and put it on my bed; I like it although it's hard to get a feel for it with so much of my old decor still in the room. But here is a picture or the quilt (sorry about the quality of the picture, it was taken on my phone)...

What do y'all think of the look of the quilt? Do you like it? Do you think it's pretty but that I should just stick with my original plan of the white quilt with color accents in things like pillows? Help please!


Anna said...

Its a very pretty quilt...but also very different from the original look you were trying to achieve. This one seems more girl and shabby chic style...where as the other was more contemporary. This one a beautiful mix of very pretty fabrics. Honestly though sweety.. I loved your first idea of the grey and white and yellow theme...and I think its a little more masculine..just to keep it fair to hubby who has to share the room ; )
This cover would be great for a guest room...or over a is super cute and so I can see why it would have been hard to walk away from it.
I think if you stick with this one...then..anything you add..should be mainly in white.
Sorry..Im sure none of this advice helps...or maybe Im just gravitating more to your first choice as its a favourite for me too. Either way I know you are going to turn the space into something wonderful....and most importantly ..a space that YOU love and feel comfortable in. XO

Martha Carolyn said...

Hmm... The quilt has a nice vintage feel to it. Since you got such a good deal on it, what if you used it folded at the foot of your bed, go ahead and find a white blanket or duvet to use as your main bed covering, and use the shams as extra throw pillows?

McCarthy Designs said...

Carly, I agree with Martha, if you really love it, use it along with the white and it will look lovely. The quilt is very pretty and like Anna said you can use it in the guest room or in the lounge as a throw as well. xx

Tina said...

I love it Carly:) I think it looks very country / eclectic/ vintage. It looks to me like it could have come straight out of one of your gorgeous iron bed inspiration pics. ~ Tina xx

Cozy Little House said...

I don't know that I've ever met a quilt I didn't like. Unless it was a really modern-looking one. I have made many quilts. I started making them because the really well-quilted ones are expensive. I buy ones in the store for my beds and such due to my pets, so I can wash them and not worry about it.

AshTreeCottage said...

I think it has the look of a vintage quilt. A very shaby chic look which I think is charming!

Susan and Bentley

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