March 9, 2010

Map It Out

I recently shared my desire to travel the world and see all sorts of exotic places...well, here is a cheap and easy way to decorate a room and share that love of the world and travel! And just how do you do that you ask? MAPS! They're cheap and easy to find. You can go for a real map or check out Cavallini & Co. who I posted about earlier this year. They sell several great gift wraps with a map design on them (if you're interested in Cavallini & Co., you'll have to order from another store online because you cannot order directly from them. There are several links on the right side of online stores that sell their products). If you're looking for that antiqued map look and just can't find an old map of your worries! There are many great tutorials online of how to create an antiqued map look. Here are some great images that include mapsand if you like the idea of using maps in decor, keep your eyes open because there are some great ideas here...

 You can create this eye-catching piece of art so easily! I really love this one.
 Use maps to create privacy in an office with a glass door.
I love how the blues have been pulled out of this map and 
complimented with other pieces of the same color.

IMAGES FROM: nibs, elle decor, southern accents magazine, all things blue, and notebook magazine.


Tina said...

What fabulous pics Carly! I love the older style brown based maps, they are gorgeous! I also love the map behind the panels in the french door:) Some fabulous ideas and inspiration as always!! Have a lovely day ~ Tina xx

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I'm loving that blue on blue in the last image... great finds!

McCarthy Designs said...

I love those ideas with the maps, they make such great artwork and can be adapted to suit so many different situations like the french door. Great post! xx

Amanda said...

Great images! I adore the last one with it's gorgeous frame and the second one is great too x

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