March 11, 2010

Spring Fling

Like I mentioned in my last post, spring has finally sprung here in Texas! So that means it's time to put away the jeans, sweaters, and boots and pull out the floral sundresses, sandals, and sunglasses. Here are some of my favorite items of spring...

As you can see I'm really into the bold patterns, big jewelry, flowy sundresses, and all things white, yellow, and coral colored. The best part about all of these items? They're all at a great price!

Gold owl ring: $4.80, Forever 21
Yellow sandals: $12.00, Old Navy
Blue and white stripped dress: $10.50, Forever 21
Banded straw fedora: $14.95, NY & Company
Pink and white floral tank top: $17.46, NY & Company
Yellow floral short-sleeved sundress: $24.99, Old Navy
Red and black sunglasses: $9.50, Old Navy
Navy romper: $42.95, NY & Company
Coral silk flounce top: $24.80, Forever 21
Coral weave trim tunic: $19.80, Forever 21
White embroidered tunic: $24.80, Forever 21
White tie espadrille wedges: $20.00, Old Navy
Pink tulle flower necklace: $14.50, Old Navy
White rhinestone watch: $22.95, NY & Company
A Grand Total of: $264.00. Not too bad huh?

So what are your favorite spring trends? Do you love the bright colors and bold prints or neutral solids? (Sorry to all my blog readers out there who are just now leaving the spring/summer seasons and going into the fall/winter seasons...I know this post is more applicable to those of us in the United States.)

PS: I realized that some of the images might be a little hard for everyone to see as some of them are kind of small. Sorry I didn't realize this when I created the collage! If you want to see the pictures bigger, just click on the entire image and it should bring it up larger. :)


McCarthy Designs said...

I am so envious, I wish I was planning a lovely spring wardrobe like yours instead I am gragging out my jackets and jumpers in readiness for the cold! Have a great weekend! xx

Carly said...

Nellie, I am so sorry y'all are making your way toward the cold months. I love the winter months but I am ready for the warmth. Drink a cup hot cocoa for me and I'll wear a sundress for all of you! :)

Tina said...

Gosh, like Nellie it is jeans, boots and jacket for me today, the temp has dropped incredibly - but those outfits are so cute!! And how cheap!! Enjoy your well deserved warmer weather Carly :) ~ Tina xx

Amanda said...

Hi Carly, I love all those outfits you've posted!! I especially love those yellow sandals :)

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