June 11, 2010

It's That Time of Year...

The flowers are blooming and the air is you know what that means? It's wedding season. Ah yes, it's summer in Texas and the weddings are here. I'm looking at attending 3 or 4 weddings this summer and my favorite thing about them? Finding the perfect little dress to wear. Here are a few options for all of you wedding goers...

Wedding Type: Outdoor Wedding

 Forever 21, $24.80
This dress is perfect for an outdoor wedding. It's free flowing and casual, and the enlarged eyelet trim allows a little breeze as well. Because this dress is for an outdoor wedding, it is assumed that the attire will be casual; however, the sweet bow on this dress gives it a dressier look.

 Forever 21, $24.80
This nude, linen dress is a little plain but pairing it with a chunky belt will definitely spice it up!

 Forever 21, $24.80
This dress is thin and flowing which is perfect for a hot day or a warm night. The dress also features an exposed zipper in the back, which is very in right now.

Wedding Type: City Sleek

Forever 21, $27.80
We all have those friends that host city chic weddings. The ones in big, grandeur, downtown buildings with thousand of flowers. It's hip and it's stylish...and this dress is perfect for such an occasion! This dress also stands without any major jewelry because of it's detailing.

 Forever 21, $27.80
 Although this dress is of an understated color, the design and the sheen of the fabric is a major standout! Because of the simplicity of this dress, bright jewelry pieces could definitely be added.

 Forever 21, $29.80
 The detailing on this dress is fantastic. Once again no accessories are needed, this dress says it all itself.

Wedding Type: Classic Style
Forever 21, $24.80
This dress is a classic silhouette, and one of the only summer dresses I found that wasn't strapless. The black and white says "I'm classic," but the polka dots say, "I'm still fun."

 Forever 21, $29.80
The cowl neck makes this dress classic, while the less fit is extremely comfortable.

And the best part about all of these dresses? They all cost just under $30.00! What a deal, right? With all of that extra cash you can buy a new pair of shoes and accessories! to shopping you go! x

Images from: Forever 21

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