June 2, 2010

May & June Favorite

I just realized that I forgot to post a monthly favorite for the month of May. May was a busy month with school ending, finals, and a wonderful one-year anniversary vacation with my hubby. So this "Monthly Favorites" post will include my favorites for the months of May and June.

First up, lets here it for May. May is the month that I was married in, and one of my main wedding colors was the color yellow. Therefore, I often associate the color of yellow with the month of May. Plus, to me, nothing says "Hello, Summer!" more than the color yellow. So how about a few yellow favorites of mine...
IMAGES FROM: country living

Now it's time for June! While it is certainly warm and summery by May here in Texas, the summer heat is in full swing by the time June hits. This weekend we're looking to break weather records by reaching 100 degrees out this early in guess what I'll be in all summer? Some super cute little swimsuits like these!

 IMAGES FROM: catwalk queen and Michael Kors.


Amanda said...

I really really LOVE that chair - such a cute style and such lovely yellow fabric!! Would be perfect in Grace's room. It's so funny to think you are just starting summer when here, we are just starting winter :) Have fun in the sunshine or the weekend x

design traveller said...

Great summer atmosphere in here :)

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