July 30, 2010


Just wanted to update you on a few little things that are going on here at my home. It seems like the month of July has come and gone so quickly, as has this entire summer. It's been a great break from school though, and these past few weeks have been very productive

Yesterday during my spare time I gathered up these cute little "business" cards that my mother-in-law had given me as part of my gift for Valentine's; she paired them with a cute little journal that I jot down my daily thoughts and ideas in. Well, I loved the cards and had them sitting in random places throughout the house until I realized that all of the cards together would equal the size of an 8x10 photograph. So I whipped out my most simple 8x10 frame and got to work piecing the cards together as evenly as possible. Here is the outcome...

Sorry for the glare on the frame...I still am not sure how to get a picture of anything involving glass, without a glare. Anyways, I really loved the way it turned out, although I think I might like a white frame better. Good thing I always have a can of white spray paint at hand! What do you think keep with the black frame or paint it white?

I also recently acquired a new/old piece of furniture. It's a piece that was in my room for some time when I was a little girl, and my mom recently handed it back over to me. She thought it would look perfect with the new look I am trying to achieve in our bedroom...I completely agree!

I wish we didn't have a TV in the room, but hubby says that it's a "necessity."
The slightly visible crate to the left isn't so chic either, but that new puppy has to sleep somewhere!
Some of the detailing on the drawers. You can see some chips in the paint that perhaps look a little like dirt. The dresser was originally a creme color but my Mom painted it white when I was younger. I think the chips in the paint give it a unique look so I don't think that I'll be getting rid of them.

So that's what's going in my little nest. Hubby and I are headed to visit my brother-in-law and sister-in-law in Houston for the weekend. Perhaps a little shopping will be in my forecast?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, my lovelies! x

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