July 26, 2010

An Update on the Clutter

A little over a week and a half ago, I posted about some major organization and declutterization that's going on in my household. Surprisingly, things are going very well here. I've learned that my clutter didn't happen in one day, and it won't be fixed in one day. However, there are still days that I feel like I haven't made a bit of progress...but, on those days, I celebrate the little victories. 

Perhaps you'd like to join me in celebrating these victories? Remember this closet? 
I posted about it here...

 Well, here's the progress that I've made!

The closet isn't perfect yet. There's obviously still some items on the floor. You can see my printer to the right, some bags filled with gift wrapping supplies, and not visible in the picture are some items that will be hung in the office once it's painted...BUT, it's definitely progress!

And that "junk" drawer that I'm pretty sure everyone has, well I decided to clean it out the other day while I had some spare time. Here it was before...

 And here it is after. 

I was struggling finding a drawer organizer that I liked, plus I think for a piece of plastic, they tend to be a little over priced; so, I decided to use extra pieces of tupperwear that I had lying around to organize my items.   

So, there ya have it. There are some of my "little victories!" What are some little victories that you've accomplished lately? I'd love to hear about them!! x

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Patricia Torres said...

oh my gosh!! that is such a good job you've done!!

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