July 27, 2010

How to Display Your Jewels

I've been able to find a good way to organize many different things; however, jewelry has always been one thing I've struggled with. I want something that has plenty of space to hold jewelry, but still has a cool, chic, creative display. Here are some of my favorite inspiration images...

A great use for spare pieces of china
A hand made piece from flickr. The drawers are perfect for those pieces that don't hang. Here's the tutorial, if you'd like to make a similar piece!
A great use for those ice trays that many of us have lying around. The separated spots will also help keep different pieces from becoming tangled. 
I really like this idea. Nice and simple.

How do you guys store your jewelry? x

Images via Martha Stewart, apartment therapy, quo vadis blog, and flickr.


Leah said...

Great post, I love all the ideas here! I especially love the little china display in the drawer, what a great idea!

Mon Alisa Design said...

I hang my earrings from an old torn oil painting of beautiful trees that was found in the back of the old shed at my place. I've poked little holes through the branches so my earrings look like they're hanging from the trees. It leans against the wall above my dresser :)

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