August 6, 2010


I've been searching for the "right" white comforter for quite some time now. I thought that I'd found the perfect comforter from Target. It's white with a very subtle woven circle I jumped, I bought it. 

I was really happy with it, until this little guy...
 Peed on the comforter...twice. 

The first wash left the comforter slightly wrinkled. The second wash left the comforter  completely destroyed. I'm talking stuffing bunched, fabric stretched...a wrinkled mess. 

Now, I am searching again.

I've looked at different comforters from JCPenney and, but I'm just nervous. After one ruined comforter, I am very hesitant to just buy anything. I'm still determined to find a semi cheap comforter that is simple and chic, but my hope is dwindling.

Where do you buy your comforters? Can you suggest a place to order from that is good quality but also a good price? I need your help!!!


The Brick Cottage said...

A possible fix for your comforter (especially if it's down) is to use dryer balls--when you wash down, it needs to be fluffed back up and the dryer balls help tumble and fluff the feathers. Another option is to place sneakers in a clean pillow case and throw those in the dryer with the comforter (and with both the dryer balls and sneakers, the more you use the fluffier the comforter gets).

Anonymous said...

If the dryer balls don't fix it, I would take it back to Target asap!

Carly @ Honey and the Moon said...

The dryer balls didn't seem to work...bummer.

Guess I'll be trying to return the comforter to Target. They're so strict about receipts and returns, and after one wash and it being okay I got rid of the receipt...I'll be sure to never do that again! Crossing my fingers that maybe they'll be nice and give me my money back.

Thanks for the advice ladies! xo

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