August 23, 2010

Master Bedroom Progress

Meet our master bedroom wall before...

This picture was taken before I ever moved into the house with my hubby, so the walls are obviously extremely bare, but you get the picture.

We knew that we couldn't afford to purchase a headboard, so the idea was to create the illusion of a headboard with this stripe. I wouldn't call it a fail, I mean we managed to paint a really straight stripe but...I never liked it. It's all too dark...the bedding and the paint...just too dark!

Some different furniture, new bedding, a move of the position of the bed, and a year later...I have finally painted over that stripe. Since we're now switching to a white, grey, and yellow theme in the bedroom the stripe had to be gone!

After two coats of oil based primer and a coat of Chenin Blanc (by Kilz), this is what we have...

Hallelujah, the purple stripe is gone!!

1 comment:

Nikki said...

Much better already!

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