September 12, 2010

A Sad Announcement

My Dearest Blogging Friends,

I have some sad news. I have come to realize that with my current school load, blogging has become a lot. I personally like to put a lot of time and thought into my blog posts...unfortunately, doing this takes a lot of time searching for inspirational pictures and new topics to blog about. 

Thus, I sadly have to announce that I will be taking a break from the blogging world. Right now,  I need to focus on my last semester of school and my preparations for student teaching. Not sure when I will have time to return back to blogging regularly. I hope I will return and  that I will be able to return soon...but, until then this will be an indefinite break.  

Thank you to all of you who have so faithfully read my humble, little blog and left me sweet words and encouragement on my posts. I have loved getting to "know" each of you and read all of your blog posts. You have been the greatest blogging friends. Thank you.



Anna said...

Oh Honey, we will be so sad to not have you around anymore..but I totally understand the circumstances and how easy it is to let blogging get the better of you...over more important things like family at times.
Anyway..I will see this as a little break and not a goodbye as I know that you will be back again to say hello.

Take care sweety...we will miss your posts..but look forward to seeing your smiley face again once things settle.

Sending bigs hugs your way XOXOX

Lulu said...

Well bummer because I just found your blog recently and was enjoying it. But, totally understand, and good for you for knowing that your plate is full and when to take a break. (Blogging can be all-consuming!) Good luck with your last semester of school!!!!

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

I completely understand but will miss reading Honey and the Moon. You had great content that I always enjoyed. Go knock em dead!! :)

Mon Alisa Design said...

Oh poop! I'll miss you! It's a wise decision though hon. All the best for your studies and best wishes for a bright happy future! xxx

Martha Carolyn said...

I will miss your blogging! I do understand your reasons for needing to take a break, but just promise to come back as soon as you can! :-)

Urban Style Vibes said...

Oh, what a sad announcement...We will miss you! Hope you will be back soon!


Lise M.

Anonymous said...

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